This is not goodbye Cardiff, see you later


By Jasmine Watts


What a day, what a day. This is probably the most valuable day of my study abroad experience so far. After a 9 hour travel day from Dublin, we’ve finally made it to Cardiff, Wales. I didn’t know what to expect from Wales and it is absolutely beautiful! (Not to mention we caught the good weather.) I definitely wish I could’ve had one or two more days here since we leave tomorrow.

Earlier we went to the Doctor Who Experience . Having seen the show before, I thought it was really cool. It was very interactive and a bit spooky, just like the show. I definitely thought that it was a useful experience, especially since Doctor Who is such a big deal here in the U.K. I can’t think of any show comparable in the U.S. When Doctor Who is on here, you better not bother any body.

Afterwards we met with the advertising agency, Golley Slater. I learned more in that 2 and a half hour meeting than I did in my whole semester of advertising 205. We learned how advertisements change over time, how to target a specific audience, what makes an advertisement a good one and what it’s like to work in a real agency. One of the most valued lessons I learned was that you don’t have to be a “creative” to work in advertising. Going in to the meeting, I didn’t think much would resonate with me being a journalism major, as much as it would some of my colleagues who are advertising majors. I feel that we all took away valuable lessons, advice, and experience from this meeting. There are roles for all people in advertising agencies and they are all equally important. It gave me hope for my future career goals because I now feel I have a broader range of options. Golley Slater had some great advertisements and I definitely will be doing more research on what they’ve done & will be looking out for them in the future. Afterwards managing editor, Mike Leeson, took us all out for drinks. I felt like a real business woman being in the bar with all the working people after a long meeting. It was a great day! Cardiff this is not good bye, it is a “see you later”. Headed to London tomorrow!

The drink I enjoyed after a successful day

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  1. Tashia R. Small says:

    Great job Jasmine. I loved reading your blog. Very well written. What a great experience.


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