Who, What, Where, and Why


After 24 hours of being in Wales, I can tell you I want to be here longer. We are sadly leaving tomorrow for London. Do not get me wrong I am beyond excited to go to London and be settled for two weeks! Wondering the streets of Wales today, I realized the people are welcoming and there is so much to do. Ok enough of me rambling…

We took a tour at the Dr. Who Experience at the Cardiff Bay. It was a virtual and live performance tour of sets and costumes that have been seen on the show. Dr. Who has been on air since the 70s and took the nation by storm. People of the UK do not even text or talk to anyone if the show is on. I can not really compare it to anything back at home. The only comparison that comes to mind is The Bachelor, but it does not take the country by storm and has not been on for almost 50 years. I have never watched the show, but the costumes and wardrobe of the past characters was my favorite part of the exhibit.

The day continued with a lecture from an executive of Golley Slater Ad Agency. Hearing what the day to day job is like was fascinating as I aspire to work in the Public Relations industry. Golley Slater Agency has had enormous success with their clients and have multiple offices around the United Kingdom. (Here is one of there advertisements). The visit to the agency has been my favorite part of the trip thus far.


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