Belfast in 35mm Films by Min Wang


Image: Min Wang

I enjoy shooting films, which allows me to capture the unique moment- going analog in the digital camera era. When you shot films, you feel the delight twice- pressing the shutter and holding the actual film in your hands.

Surprisedly I came across a photo studio, Snappy Snaps that provides 24-hour film developing service where I can get access to the excitement shortly, both digitally and physically.

Here’s a sum up of my exploration at Belfast. A guy foaming the window, a seagull resting at hotel alley, a couple crossing street under sunlight, a pigeon enjoying pieces treats and me, trying to fight the gloomy, sunless weather with a bright color raincoat.

It is 7 in the morning, and I finally arrived at Belfast after a 20-hour trip. Proudly to say that I have never been afraid of any trips and relocation. As long as the touch of home exists.

Yet sitting by the street, as the ramen noodle (here’s the “instant” touch of home taste!)  is warming up my stomach. The sun came out, warming this small coast city.

The owner of a floral shop is moving out daisy in front of the door. With the softer fragrance in the air, pair with the delicacy of Dutch strawberry- as confirmed, those mushy little guys really are the sweetest fruit I have ever had in my life. Maybe it could be originated to the nourishment of tulips.

As David wrote in a poem about Belfast Your Place And Mine, describing this city as ” dour and grim.” I see people walking around as they have things ahead, unsentimentally, with an undercurrent of vividness.

It’s the vibration hid behind the constant flux. To fight that stern vibe, I got myself a yellow raincoat.


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