Styling in Ireland


Only in Ireland is where it’s May, and you can layer up like it’s the beginning of Fall. While packing, I kept in mind pieces that fit the climate and my personal style. It stay mildly chilly, with low humidity. So all you really need is a long sleeve shirt, a rain coat,  a jean or bomber jacket if you feeling like being extra.  If your gonna be walking around be aware of the street setup. The sidewalk is majority made old style (brick like), and since it can be rainy dark colored shoes you can walk long distances is HIGHLY recommend  (So leave those uncomfortable red bottoms at home, if your not gonna Uber everywhere). The majority of locals wear these styles,ranging from a casual look to dressy casual.


On our first official day out, I wore something comfy where I could walk long distances, and not too heavy in case the sun decides to come out and it get’s warm. Yet, cute enough for a Insta-pic. We were mainly doing a lot of sight-seeing on our day off.


( Jacket-Meijers, Jeans-Charlotte Russe, Shoes-Nike) Photo Credit-Sherry

Also, I highly recommend wearing jackets with a good hoodie. It sometimes rain lightly randomly (like that day). This outfit was perfect for the day, I had a long sleeve shirt under it, and I was comfy for the whole day.  Dark colored, or rain resistance shoes is best for here. There are a lot of random puddles. I was super comfortable and was ready for anything that day.


(Duster–Primark, Black shirt & pants-Charlotte Russe, Shoes-Forever 21, Purse-Kate Spade)

Today was our visit to the Titanic Museum here in Belfast. I decided to keep it simple, with a side of ‘Extra”.  I found the cutest duster at Primark here in Ireland, and it was really cheap for 20 pounds. It was only an average of 68 degrees. Also, since I was taking a cab, I wore my comfy trusted walking shoes. My black block ankle boot heels, great for walking long distances. The duster helped add a pop of color to my all black outfit, for such a gloomy day.


So far it’s only our second official day of the program, can’t wait to see what’s next for the next few weeks here abroad.

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