The inside scoop on the big sink -By Alana Easterling


The titanic museum was a unique experience for me. There were some pros and some cons to my visit. First, I would like to applaud the director and producer of the movie ““Titanic”.” I never knew how much research went into that movie. I always thought it was good, but I appreciate the accuracy in the depiction of the Incident now more than ever. The exhibit was extremely nice.

Unfortunately, there weren’t any actual artifacts there which would’ve made my experience all the more better. For instance, the famous violinists’ picture was displayed with a tidbit of info on how his violin was retrieved, and now it’s considered one of the most valuable titanic artifacts. I would have loved to physically see the violin, as opposed to a picture of it. I do though like how they had displays of the different rooms on board the titanic. The difference between the first and third class rooms were outrageous. Those visuals helped me feel like I was actually there.

Aside from the visuals, the tidbits of information were such a nice touch. The fun facts about the passengers, and smalls bits of info about their personal lives made it all the more real. It made me wonder about those people’s stories, and what the process of obtaining that information was like. Seeing pictures of the captain and the heroine Margaret “Molly” Brown made me appreciate the movie more as well. The characters who played those people in the movie looked exactly like the actual people on the ship. It was insane! I also like how the exhibit had the facts and myths section. Being someone who’s into media, it was interesting to see that people have been twisting things up via media as early as 1912.

I would love for my grandma to be able to visit the exhibit. She would love it. As I was there, I couldn’t help but to think about her and realize I get my interest in history from her. If you’re ever in Belfast, the titanic museum is a great place to visit! A quarter of a million dollars very well spent.

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