Titanic by John Charron


When I was much younger I went to see the traveling Titanic exhibit at one of the local museums in downtown Chicago.  I had almost every book related to the Titanic; every kids book, every picture book.  My family, especially my mom, always loved the history behind the ship and the stories that enveloped the lives affected by the terrible tragedy. Needless to say, the display left a powerful impact on me.  To see such an exact and powerful exhibit in the very birthplace of the glorious ship is a dream come true. I went in expecting artifacts and recovered items, but I was surprised to find countless stories and pictures of the people directly involved.  I could really grasp the culture of the times and just how tremendous the ship was in its goliath status and size.

The exhibit largely focused around the building of the ship, the passengers, and the crew. Pictures lined the walls with stories of those who worked on the great ship.  Other stories revolved around those who survived and those who did not.  You could see an interactive log of every passenger, with their age, nationality, and their status after the disaster. The loss of life is truly tremendous when taken into account. Other portions of the exhibit revolved around the zeitgeist of the times. Newspapers and advertisements called out in bold letters the heralding of the massive ship.  Mock bedrooms lay behind the glass, captured in the time, seemingly unaware of their position in the museum.  Clothing and knick – knacks spread under the glass, giving a significant concept of what life was really like.

I will always remember the Titanic museum as a powerful retrospective tribute to the impressive ship and the great men and women who made it legendary.  If this is our first excursion abroad, I can only imagine what wonders lie ahead.

Museum Website

The exterior of the museum


A mimic lifeboat


An undersea camera used to go into the depths

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