Titanic Museum- Belfast by Trevor Goslin


Northern Ireland is a very unique place with a deep history and many places to visit. Today as a class we visited The Titanic Museum to learn and see about the history of the ship. It was a very interesting place and there was a lot to learn. For the most part I enjoyed the exhibits, but if there was a lot of reading involved. Personally I would’ve loved to see more artifacts on display and more hands on activities. It was very cool to learn about the ship building industry in Belfast and the impact it had on the community.

Shot of Titanic Museum

The Museum also had last Conversation the caption had with the dispatchers when the titanic began to go down. At that point I pretended to be in the passengers shoes as they were unsure if they were going make it out alive. I personally couldn’t imagine being in that position especially if you were separated from your family.


The Last Conversation with Dispatchers

My favorite part of the day was exploring the SS Nomadic. This boat served as a water taxi for First and Second class passengers to get to and from the Titanic because the ports will too shallow for it to dock. This was a luxury ship with nice dining and also equipped with a bar. This is was a great experience to because it highlighted the poor conditions the workers had to endure. This ship had many engaging things to do to really get a feel what it was like to be on the ship. Technology and equipment has changed over the last 100 years especially the scuba gear pictured below.

Scuba gear the crew used to wear while working

We finished the day off by getting a group lunch together at Mchugh’s Pub. The food was authentic and very delicious. All in all it was a great first day exploring Belfast.

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