Cab Tour- Belfast by Trevor Goslin


Today we had an awesome tour of Belfast and learned about their history. It was cool to see how they deal with the issues in the present day. This was a such a great experience because of our tour guides knowing about the history and local knowledge. The trip started from our hote,l and we drove to an area of Belfast that can change in the blink of an eye. This is because there is a “peace wall” that separates the Irish Catholics and the Irish Protestants.

The wall separating the two sides has gotten higher and higher over the years

We made stops on both sides of the wall and got a history lesson from the drivers. We had three tour guides: one from the Protestant side, one from the Catholic side, and the last guide did not declare a side which I thought to be strange.

After a few stops we drove to the wall pictured above and the driver gave us markers to sign the wall. He estimated that 2 million have signed the wall including the Dalai Lama and Justin Bieber. The wall was the favorite part of the tour, and being able to hear first hand how its a regular occurrence for stones and golf balls to be thrown or hit over the wall. 2DFC938A-9E87-4A70-80EE-37789FD6E51A.JPG

The last part of the trip the drive showed us Bobby Sands, an IRA member who made headlines when he resisted food for a stunning sixty six days. This made me feel rather insecure when I know I can’t go a day without food. All in all our tour guide was awesome and I was really happy we decided to take this tour with a great group of guides.


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