Historic Campus: Queen’s University Belfast – By Min Wang


The Victorian style campus is located at south side of Belfast, at where is leading the local community in many ways- culture, education and art,  with a heritage dating back over 150 years.

Coming from an American university where the college campus is normally part of the city,  the first thing I noticed about the campus is it has the wall that separates it as a certain campus geographically.

QUB is also one of the Red Brick University Red Brick University Red Brick University. It doesn’t only refer the architectural style- Victorian, narrow tall and built to impress.  Red Brick is a term that refers to British universities founded in the late 19th and early 20th centuries in major industrial cities.

Along the campus side, as most universities have in pairs, there are serval streets featuring vibrant bars, bookstores, cool boutique shops, and global-flavored restaurants where students can spend their spare time at conveniently.

One Country, Two Currency.

Here’s a tip for future visitors about what to withdraw from your bank.

Came across a Korean restaurant, I had my dinner there. I ran to get cash because of being told it’s cash only. Apparently, a few pink cash-ish look bills I got from an Ulster Bank ATM don’t look like normal pounds. It turns out they are banknotes of Northern Irelands.

Banknotes are issued by different banks specifically for usage in the Northern Ireland since 1929. It’s legal currency here equally pounds but not working anywhere else, even not including the United Kingdom itself.

Besides pounds, Euro is accepted widely in Northern Ireland as well.

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