News Travel Further, Than Just Across The Pond


It was early around four in the morning here in Belfast, after a night out with my classmates. I wake up to multiple missed calls from my younger sister, and text from my oldest sister who is in Georgia asking if i’m Ok. First thing is confusion and fear, so after sending a message letting her know i’m ok and my location; I proceeded to learn what’s going on. Come to find out, there was a bombing in Manchester at the Ariana  Grande concert a few hours prior. I was shocked at not only the tragedy, but also how I was late on what happening within the country I am staying in; and had to hear about it from my sisters back in the states.


(Source: Google Images)

Manchester is six hours from Belfast, Northern Ireland (293.0 mi). Therefore we may not be near, it was still too close for comfort. As the day continued, it was all over british media.



From the hotel radio, to the morning news paper at Tesco (It’s the United Kingdom version of CVS/Krogers ), and people’s conversations. It was the topic of the day, social media was covered with #PrayForManchester hashtag posts.


(Source: Google Images)

Also, the internet had Ariana’s reaction and statement from the event via-Twitter. Which also gave news of the event.


(Source: Twitter)

The news went viral in not a matter of hours, but more minutes. The fact that it happened while we were out, and I had to first hear about from my sisters amazed me. The platform of news media is constantly changing, making the speed of communication smaller and smaller.

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