Do as the Romans Do – by Chris Gustafson


Rome wasn’t built in a day, and it certainly won’t be toured properly in two, however a day after mass with the Pope, it was time to do my best and sightsee in the Eternal City. Rome is home to more than 3,000 years of cultural influences and history, and that is best exemplified in its architecture, such as in the 1937 year old Colosseum seen above or the 100 year old Altare della Patria below. These are but just a few of the masterpieces of architecture located throughout the city, but help display the true beauty of one of the world’s finest cities.

Many of these incredible buildings and landmarks are not bare however, and instead are often used as advertising platforms for many different causes. The one directly below is an ad for the Samsung Galaxy S8 located on a building in Piazza del Popolo on the city’s north side. While I believe the ad is quite creative for the location, it is still surprising that a city with such historic buildings would be willing to place an ad of this size on the side of a 300 year old building such as this.


However I suppose in a city of nearly 3 million, you need to exploit every inch of advertising space that you can. Another example of this advertising presence was on the back of a double decker tour bus, displaying an ad for the new American movie Bay Watch. This was a more typical ad campaign, and in my mind much more considerate to the city surrounding it.


As mesmerizing as visiting Rome for the first time has been, I’m extremely excited to return to the study abroad group in Dublin on Friday morning, after what I can only imagine was a wonderful trip across Northern Ireland.

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