Above the French Alps – by Chris Gustafson


For the second Friday in a row, I spent most of the day aboard a plane traveling to a destination that I’ve not yet been. Friday’s destination was visiting the capital city of Ireland, Dublin. While officially leaving my family for over a month will be difficult, returning to the the study abroad group to resume the tour is something that I was looking forward to. I encountered an unexpected surprise on my way to Dublin, flying directly over the French Alps, and the minimal cloud cover produced one of the most spectacular views I’ve witnessed. 1.jpg

Arriving back in Ireland for the weekend, I was almost struck by a taxi driving on the left side of the road, something that I might just not ever get used to, even with the warnings painted on the streets.


Unfortunately as today was a day of travel, I wasn’t able to tour too much of Dublin or Rome, or encounter the differing views of media compared to the United States. One thing I have noticed is that while WiFi is available throughout Dublin and Rome, it has been far more common for these services to be paid or subscription based, unlike in the United States where services from providers such as AT&T, Comcast, and Verizon provide free WiFi throughout most major metropolitan areas.


One location that I was able to visit while in Dublin was the United States Embassy of Ireland, which brought a sense of home and patriotism, or “Nationalism” depending on your view, but that was much needed after a week away from home in the United States.

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