Country living -By Erin Gray


Last night, we stayed in a hostel in Ballintoy, Northern Ireland. We arrived at the Sheep Island View hostel and the first thing I saw while walking up the driveway was about 20 school children playing jump rope. About five minutes before arriving at the bunk, we all lost phone service which our tour guide warned us would happen. Everywhere you look is green and the sky is overcast. The grass here is greener than any field I have seen in the U.S and I have never seen so many sheep at once in my life. Ireland looks exactly how one would think.


The first thing the entire group noticed is that not having phone service or Wi-Fi holds us back from connecting with the world. We are not able to text our friends back in the US, we are not able to share our photos from today on social media, and we are not able to publish our blogs until the morning. It seems as if life is slower. In the world of media in the United States, we can interview the source, take the photo, write the story, and publish it to the world all within an hour. In an environment without service or Wi-Fi, you cannot connect with the world as quickly. 

It was also our first day out of three on the Shamrocker bus tour to Dulbin. Along the way, we visited Giant’s Causeway, the Dunluce Castle, and the Dark Hedges. It was surreal looking at the ocean from the first two sights.DSC_0085

Today, we hiked two miles up to this beautiful cliff called the Slieve League in Donegal where the view was astounding. I am terrified of heights, but I really wanted to get right up to the edge and snap a photo of the water crashing onto the rocks below. It was the most terrifying feeling being right up to the edge of the cliff, but I got the shot and I was happy.DSC_0213

Looking forward to Dublin tomorrow and getting back to the city!! I have learned that I think the countryside is beautiful, but it is definitely not a spot I’d like to stay in for toooo long!

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