Exploring the Irish Countryside – By Graham Polk


Today was the second day of our Shamrocker Irish Adventure. We left the small town of Balintoy and headed to The Sliabh League Cliffs. These are some of the highest sea cliffs in Europe. The bus couldn’t take us all the way to the top of the cliffs, so we took a very long hike to see the majestic views. The entire way up, I felt that it wouldn’t be worth it, but of course when we reached the peak it was all worth it. There was even ice cream to make it that much worth it!IMG_1430.JPG


After the long trek, our tour guide Connor reminded us to tag the Shamrocker in our Instagram posts of the views. If they like the posts, they’ll repost them to their Instagram and if they love them, they may end up on the Shamrocker website. This was interesting from a media perspective because not only does the Shamrocker company gain free advertising via social media, they also can get quality photographs without having to hire any actual photographers. I’m sure that most people won’t mind their work being shared either!


Tonight, we spend the night in Donegal, the least densely populated country in Ulster. This city has two sheep for every person who lives there. Cell connection is nonexistent again and wifi is also very hard to come by, but after one day of living disconnected, I won’t have a problem with one more. Tomorrow concludes the shamrocker tour and we will arrive in Dublin, the largest city in Ireland. Countryside no more!IMG_6493.JPG

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  1. Angela says:

    YUM !!


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