The End of the Shamrocker by John Charron


On the third and last day of the Shamrocker bus tour, I have come to appreciate Ireland on a level that is beyond anything I have experienced as a tourist elsewhere.  The general mindset this outstanding land has put me in is one of heightened creativity and positivity.  Climbing up the massive hill to see the beauty of Ireland’s rolling lands took me closer to a spiritual involvement than I was expecting.  I felt closer to my heritage of Irish ancestry and my love of the culture.

One of the best views

Visiting the important monuments that encapsulate Ireland brought me in contact with personal understanding.  While it wasn’t always easy, the trip proved to be moving.  The hostels were an adjustment and the culture could be quite different, but I can already feel myself more changed than before.  As soon as I get back home, I plan to hit the library for books on the history, culture, and mythology of this amazing country.  I have certainly caught an Irish itch that needs to be scratched.

An ancient tomb

As a screenwriter who was looking for a summer project after this trip, I believe I have found a new setting filled with new ideas.  It took only three days to inspire me, if even that.  The pictures I have taken will always remain, the memories I have garnered will always remain, the love and passion I have felt for this country will always remain.  I cannot thank those that made these experiences possible for me enough.  I am one week in and a great transformation has already begun to take place.

Irish Mythology

A peaceful graveyard in the afternoon

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