The Longest Day by John Charron


If the natural beauty of Ireland wasn’t already apparent to me, than it sure is now. I woke up, accidentally, at four in the morning to the sounds of chirping birds and noisy sheep.  I crawled out of the cramped hostel and went down to the water where I found a complacent rocky island to climb up to and watch the sun rise.  I lay in the green and watched as the bright yellow of the rising sun parted away the dense fog.  I could not help but feel a strong emotion I now find hard to describe.

IMG_2994 (1)
The Sun rise

The cliffs of Sliveleague stood tall and out if time.  I found my mind escaping to something out of Lord of the Rings.  Technology had no meaning when I saw the waves crash the mighty rocks and the sprawling portrait of Ireland’s coastal lines. I found myself thinking to how Ireland utilizes that beauty as a means of communication.  The first images one thinks of Ireland’s natural attraction fall under the endless green hills and pastures, the clear blue water swirling around the cliffs, and the rocky formations that constitute the island’s status.  Ireland has certainly used this outstanding imagery to create a sort of legendary status that is known around the world.  I can fully understand why.  I could not find the words to describe just how breathtaking every asset was.  I watched the birds fly over the rolling hills, fully aware of just how special this really was.  I wish every person could experience this sense of awe.

The Slieve League Cliffs

City of Derry on the Shamrocker tour
IMG_3009 (1)
The Slieveleague cliffs

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