When You Wish Upon A Star – by Hallie Barkume


The trek to Dublin began today! The Wishing Rock at Loughcrew continues to make me think of how to compare these situations and landmarks to ones in the United States. The Wishing Rock makes me think of a Disney movie (Tinkerbell is green and short and most likely a leprechaun) and continues with the theme of myths and legends on the Shamrocker Bus Tour. The tomb at Loughcrew is supposedly haunted by a witch and when you sit in her chair she’ll grant your wish for you. 

Me falling off the Wishing Rock
Me wishing at the Wishing Rock


It continues to fascinate me how overall similar Ireland is to the U.S. but its the little things that are so different. In my last blog post, I discussed myths and legends in both countries. I’ve now noticed how they are presented and think this is a big factor in this conversation. Legends in Ireland are written down and treasured for hundreds of years. Myths and legends that I’ve heard have always been by word of mouth, and while I’m sure they’re written down somewhere, every person’s version of the story varies just a bit. A wee bit, as the Irish would say. 

The way these facts are presented could also just be the environment and situation we’re in. The guided tours most likely present accurate and rehearsed stories, whereas everything I’ve learned at home is just presented in a “fun fact” sort of way. I am curious to see if other countries in the United Kingdom have similar stories and myths that they share with travelers.


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  1. Denise Barkume says:

    Wishing Rock anything like the wishing boot?


    1. hbarkume says:

      Hahaha I hear it’s not as effective as the wishing boot

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Aileen Barkume says:

    Hey my stories are always good! I like the water bottle.

    Liked by 1 person

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