On my way to Dublin : By DeVinnia M. 


The group and I took a Shamrock bus tour from Belfast to Dublin. Our bus driver’s name was Brian and our tour guide name was Conner. Very nice men. Brian made sure we got to each stop safely yet promptly.  Conner was a true Irish man who loved his country. He kept us inform the whole way there.

The first stop on the the tour was Giants Causeway in Bushmill Ireland.

Me, the rocks, grass and water of Giants Causeway

That was a beautiful hike and a peaceful experience.  As much as I wanted to pull out my phone and share this on the internet, I couldn’t because I didn’t have service. In America, we are so quick to “share” things instead of enjoying the moment and living for that moment. For the first time it felt good to soak it all in and feel the breeze.

Catching the breeze

We then had a chance to see a real castle. Dunluce Castel, had a beautiful view of water as well. It was nice to see kids actually playing with swords instead of on their phones playing sword games. I had a chance to vision what the place could look like even with out seeing a ceiling or walls. There was no media, no wifi, just scenery.

Stairs of the Castle
A view of the water from the Castle

That night was the most humbling part of the whole experience. We stayed in a hostel. Called The Sheep Island View. The name of the Hostel is so fitting because there were more sheep than buildings and people. When looking this place up, the internet made this place appear different to what it actually was in person. There were seven of us to a room in twin bunk beds, neck to neck. The sheets and bathroom were a little less sanitary than what I am use too. Do not get me wrong, the owners were extremely welcoming and nice. However we were still promised wifi and breakfast.  Also there was no wifi it was hard to cope. I find myself using my phone and social media to cope with uncomfortable situations.  I was out of my normal comfort zone in this place and couldn’t use my phone to cope. I didn’t have internet or service to even call my mom.

In that small town the people simply enjoy each others company. Just a few feet down the street of the Hostel was a restaurant were we had lunch. Across the street from the restaurant was a Pub were we had drinks and listen to Karaoke. A few of us participated in the karaoke.  It was fun to meet new people and not feel so connected to the outside world. The only form of media there was the karaoke post to Facebook by the live singer.

The next morning Brian and Conner took us on a hike up Slieve League. A 1,900 ft hike up a sea cliff to be exact. I complained about it but I did it and rewarded myself with ice cream.

The experience of the shamrock tour taking us to Dublin was a humbling one. I learned how dependent I was on technology. I personally do think that is a problem but to know I   could learn to cope was important. The tour is not what I expected at all but I got threw and now it is on to the next adventure.

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