The Truth Behind The “Adventure” Insta-Pics


My eyes always went to the selfies that was taken the most exotic locations. From the sweat-less poses on the top of mountain views for example (That be motivating to hike, until I actually started hiking). Our next adventure was at Giants Causeway  in Bushmills. It was full of scenery (and heat).



There was soo much inspiration. When I was done grazing on the beautiful scenery, I was thinking of how lit my Instagram pic would be, if I used this as backdrop. When I tell you, it was not a walk in the park to get these shots. It was a huge challenge.


The first set of pictures I took on top of the rocks, along the Atlantic sea.The challenge was trying not to fall. Getting there I had to climb over a set of different rocks, and not slip off and break my ankle. Then I had to hope the same thing for my photographer (my other classmate), and not break their camera. While trying to get the right light on a semi-cloudy day, I must say our pictures ended up coming out well


Our next set of pictures was another challenge. We were now entering the part of the trail where it was more difficult for visitors. It was super high, and we had to climb up. Let’s just say if you are clumsy, or uncoordinated this type of activity was not for you. I was climbing up, watching my step, with every move. Luckily I was able to get a good shot, while remembering to not look down.


I wouldn’t say I risked my life for a selfie, but I know I have a lot of respect who do those crazy outside photoshoots. After all I went through, I would still do it again.

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