“Doing Dublin Right” – By Alex Martinez


I used to think Dublin was the place to visit if you were into pubs, night life, and thick accents. Media has advertised this place as being a party city and the place to go for some good beer. But after experiencing it for a few days now, Dublin has a lot more to offer. Alongside visiting places here that are famous, getting lost and exploring is as equally important.

Guinness Storehouse
Guinness Storehouse

While walking through the streets of Dublin, I visited different shops that I normally wouldn’t find at home. I tried to find the best “hole in the wall” kind of places to try out. That’s when I found Dublin’s own China Town and found myself at cute restaurant. While eating there, I thought of how I was “doing Dublin right”. I was exploring the places that weren’t popular and that media never mentions.

Exploring China Town
A hole-in-the-wall restaurant’s unique menu.

Even though getting lost is a must, seeing tourist-y destinations is hard to resist. Going on a bus tour and seeing the Guinness storehouse was worth it. Guinness impressed me a lot. The building itself had floors upon floors of information on the recipe of their beer, their advertisements, and their brand. I could tell that they were really focused on their image and presentation. While filling myself my own pint of beer, there were multiple steps drawn out on how to do it correctly. In my head I was thinking,”Why are they trying to make this so complex? It’s a simple action. Just fill the glass and don’t overflow it.” But I guess the Guinness brand has perfected their own Guinness way of doing things.  The brand itself is smart for opening this storehouse for the public. It’s funny…they get your money and they get their name out at the same time.

My ticket for a pint of beer!


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