“Here’s To Us All” – by Chris Gustafson


Our time in Ireland’s capital city has gone by quickly, but no visit to Dublin would be complete without a tour to one of its fine breweries or distilleries…so we went to two of the world’s most famous: Jameson and Guinness!


While neither Jameson or Guinness rely on these locations to quench the world’s thirst for their products, they still provide a glimpse into the past of how they grew from local companies into worldwide brands.

Both tours provided interesting looks into their past, from how they were formed, to their advertising techniques throughout different eras, and in Jameson’s case, how The United State’s Prohibition of Alcohol in the 1920’s tarnished the reputation of Irish Whiskey for years to come.


Again, while sadly neither of these locations were actual locations where Jameson or Guinness are produced, and therefore your ability to see the actual production process was limited, it still was a tremendous experience from a historical standpoint.

The most enjoyable part of both tours, aside from the tasting of course, was Guinness’s entire floor dedicated to its advertising past, including mentions of its animal based advertisements, its “Brilliant” campaign from the mid 2000’s, the “My Goodness, My Guinness” campaign, and its more recent ads such as this one. What surprised me most is that many of these ads were very memorable to me, but if you showed them to me without context, I would never identify them as ads for Guinness. In their defense, I believe this mostly has to do with viewing them at an age when I didn’t care about alcohol, but it still shows their staying power after so many years.


Aside from one more great ad that Guinness ran, I will leave this post with one last thing, this video below from Conan O’Brien, which is how I first learned of the Guinness Storehouse.

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