Oh my Guinness by Kayla Wright


Dublin or “Publin” (as my Dad calls it) is full of lovely little places such as The Brazen Head, Dublin’s oldest pub est. 1198. The one thing in common with every unique place is their drink menu. First and foremost, Guinness beer. Guinness is mastered in Dublin, Ireland, and there’s a full factory tour open to guests to experience a little bit of their magic, a little bit of their culture. With four floors and a 360 degree penthouse bar, the factory tour is equipped with taste testing, a showcase of the first-ever Guinness advertisements, classic Guinness paraphernalia, and they even offer the opportunity for guests to perfectly pour a tall glass of Guinness beer at Guinness Academy. This section of the tour was a great way to engage tourists with the brand and share their photos of their “official” pouring certificate. I think this was a great way to market the brand within the storehouse.

Side note: I find it interesting how in America we like our beverages ice cold, but here, they swear room temperature is the right way to maintain flavors.


The proper way to drink a Guinness (yes, this is a thing) is to tip the glass back without fulling consuming the top layer of foam. Once you have positioned your glass to the perfect angle of a half foam/half Guinness sip, allow the sip of beer to sit in your mouth for about 2 seconds before swallowing. This tactic will coat your mouth with the flavor so that that you can taste each ingredient and enjoy the beer how it was meant to be enjoyed.

The Guinness storehouse shared memorabilia from past years of advertising as well as the products, mascots, toys, collectors items, and other pieces which went along with their advertising strategy in those days. Below is a photograph of the very first advertisement Guinness printed in 1929.


I loved seeing the way the brand image has changed over the years. It seems as if now they focus more on broadcasting the way the company treats employees like family. Guinness advertising has been more focused on portraying their “homegrown” roots in Dublin and their dedication to mastering their craft of perfecting the brewing industry. In recent years they have steered away from past mascots (such as the well-known toucan) to provide a more professional and respectable brand image.


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