Posting & Pouring Pints – By Maeve O’Dowd


An afternoon spent at the Guinness Storehouse is probably the most appropriate thing to do when visiting Dublin. From the second you walk through the Guinness doors you are surrounded by the old brick and steel structure that holds together the centuries old establishment. Guinness has been around since 1759 and has managed to stay a relevant and prospering tourist attraction in Dublin due to their strong dedication to promoting their brand and delicious product. The entire tour uses a variety of media techniques that not only make the tour engaging and visually stimulating, but also as ways of advertising their product. In the middle of the tour, for example, there was a photo booth where you could pose as one of their old advertisements. The photo is immediately sent to a station of Ipads where users can access their photo by posting it directly to their Facebook.

Frankly, this is a genius advertising ploy. Have a fun photo booth with former advertisements, let people pose with those advertisements, give them the single option to post it to their Facebook accounts, all the while creating new advertisements out of the old. Genius.

In addition, there was a room with almost a 360 degree screen that was playing beautifully produced Guinness advertisements. The stories showcased all demographics, ages and stories creating a sense of community for all Guinness lovers. The inspirational stories that all related back to the common love for Guinness and the strong people that drink it. Some commercials were directly about the work and passion put into the product, but some that also allowed creative freedom by making the story about the strength Guinness represents. As a media producer myself, this was a gorgeous display of the commercials that made the experience more powerful by being able to walk into the room and be surrounded by stunning shots of the people behind Guinness.

Overall, the Guinness experience was wonderfully informative and hands on. Being able to pour a proper pint of Guinness was a very special experience that they allow all visitors, of age, to participate in. This experience for the consumers is very valuable and one that creates a personal sense of pride in the product. Perhaps there is a huge advertisement scheme behind the tour by giving you all these photo worthy opportunities. Yet, it is an experience to have nonetheless. Sláinte!

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