The Perfect Pint of Guinness -by Tiffany Nagy


Have you ever had a Guinness beer before? Before today, I never have. I knew the Guinness brand, but that was all. To be honest, I didn’t even know the Guinness brewery was located in Dublin until I signed up for this trip. I learned a great amount about Guinness and the brand today. I learned how Guinness was made, explored the advertising (so awesome, but that’s for another day), and even learned how to pour the “Perfect Pint of Guinness”. I also learned that I like Guinness beer, which is always a plus.


The Guinness factory was huge! What I found cool was that the factory was in the shape of a pint, the top floor being the top of the pint glass and working its way down to form the shape of a pint. Each floor was dedicated to a different process in the making of a Guinness beer.

While I was in the factory today, I was thinking about how I knew the Guinness brand all the way in America but never tried one. I started to think about the advertising and communication side of media that tied into that. Guinness is made in Dublin, and is an Ireland beer, so the fact that it’s a conversation in America intrigues me. It’s funny how advertising, and fields related to advertising, work. IMG_2808You can have a product that’s made and popular in one specific area, yet can be known world wide and also be popular world wide. They also had a screen that pictured many different Instagram photos of Guinness beer. If you take a picture of your Guinness and add the appropriate hashtags, you can be featured inside of the factory. Now that’s good use of media.

After the Guinness tour, they gave us a ticket to get a pint of Guinness which you can either pour yourself, or get at the top of the Gravity bar. IMG_2833I learned how to craft myself the “Perfect Pint of Guinness” and took it up to the Gravity bar which had an amazing view of Dublin. There were so many locals and tourists enjoying their beer with one another. This was such an awesome experience, and I would recommend to anyone who is ever visiting to check it out!

After leaving Guinness, a few of us visited the oldest pub in Dublin called The Brazen Head which was established in 1198(crazy, right?). Tomorrow we leave for Cardiff, Wales and I am excited to see what that city has to offer.

Until my next adventure!

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