The Perfect Pour – by Hallie Barkume


The six steps to pour the perfect Guinness starts with the perfect glass. My Guinness didn’t quite fit the two finger foam rule, but it was still a great pour, if I do say so myself. The storehouse itself was incredible with a ton of information and history about Arthur Guinness and his brewery in Dublin. It progressed through the story behind the hop plants used to make the beer, how the barrels are made and how they ferment the beer, and ended with the success of the Guinness brand.


img_1381.jpgThis was the first ad Guinness ever released. I loved this part of the exhibit because there wasn’t a certain route to follow. Instead of progressing chronologically through the advertisements, you could get a sense of how dramatically their approach has changed and who their target audience has been over time. It’s amusing to read the health benefits on this ad. Guinness as “a natural aid in cases of insomnia” doesn’t necessarily disclose how much you need to drink for that to be an effective remedy…

In the 1950s Guinness launched an ad campaign featuring the slogan “Lovely day for a Guinness.” The advertisements and posters that I saw from this time period always featured a group of people and a few animals gathering around a pint of Guinness. The fish riding a bicycle was also a popular ad from the late 1990s and was accompanied by a quote that said “A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle” (my inner feminist was excited about this). It seems as if Guinness tries to appeal to different target markets and its commercials often appeal to women and Black men and women.

Gerald, is that you?

The advertising within the Guinness storehouse was pretty noticeable as well. There were many opportunities to post pictures to Facebook with #Guinness or to update your location. The free and easily accessible Wi-Fi also made it available to check-in on social media. I really enjoyed seeing Guinness’s marketing strategies and how they changed throughout the last century. Until next time, I’m (st)out of here. Hey, don’t get mad at me. I told you there would be bad puns.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Aileen Barkume says:

    Loved the info. There are no bad puns.


  2. Denise Barkume says:

    Any Becky sightings?


    1. hbarkume says:

      Haha no but I did see Shelly


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