The Playlist That Kept Me Going


For the last few days towards our journey to Dublin, we have been making various stops for activities. Yesterday I skipped out on the group hike. It was way too hot for me, and my legs were still in pain from hike(link) the day prior. Today was no exception for me. Even though I like hiking, I like to be prepared and I wasn’t today. I had jeans on as well, and was just i the best mood for it.


I have very short legs, therefore I walk slower. Resulting in always getting left behind. I already have not been in the best mood, and the heat as well elevation did not make it better.
The bus was no where in sight, and therefore I had to catch up with my class, in order to make it back to our bus. After sitting down, and regaining my energy I was low on motivation. Luckily, I remembered I had a playlist for moments like this. Not only was my phone fully charged, but I had my premium Spotify, and my headphones. I have specialty made Gym playlist (link), which is my motivation playlist. When I opened the app up, the first song I played was my classic “Work” by ASAP Ferg

The another song that helped keep my momentum up was my Migos “Slippery”

My favorite songs not only helped keep my mind off my emotions, but also got me hyped up. Before I knew it, i was looking over an amazing view.


I also ended up catching up with my classmates as well.

So if you have time, make a playlist that get’s you energetic and ready to go for whatever. You will never know what it will help you accomplish.

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