A Taste of Dublin by Trevor Goslin


This past Saturday a group of us decided to go on the Jameson tour. The tour lasted for 45 minutes which covered the history of the whiskey, the process, and a taste of the whiskey. Our tour guide taught a lot in the short time, and also included stories of John Jameson himself. The final part of the tour included a taste test of the Jameson,  a Scotch whiskey, and an American whiskey. She explained the different tastes each one possessed, and what makes Jameson unique.

John Jameson and his wife Margaret

Following the conclusion of tour you received a ticket for one free drink to enjoy and take in the rich history. They had a lot of artifacts dating back from 1780 and have a display of every bottle they have produced. All in all i really enjoyed the tour and have a greater appreciation for the whiskey industry.

A display of the different batches of whiskey

A few days later our class went to the Guinness Storehouse for a tour and a pint. I had the honor of bringing Sparty along on the tour. The tour is a self-guided until you get to the tasting room where they teach you how to properly drink a Guinness.

The Tour even has an advertising floor that displays some of their best ads over the years. They had a lot of ads saying “It’s a lovely day for a Guinness,” that had a different picture on it. At the very end of the tour you have the option to learn how to pour a perfect pint or enjoy one in their gravity bar. I took the gravity bar route and took in the views of Dublin while enjoying the best Guinness in the world.

Enjoying a pint in the Gravity Bar











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