Oh my Guinness -By Erin Gray


Today, we toured the Guinness Storehouse where we learned all about the history of the img_64441.jpg
Guinness beer, how it is made, how it was advertised throughout the years and how to properly pour a Guinness. The beer has an interesting taste because it reminds me of black coffee or a coffee latte.



The storehouse had several levels. My favorite was the advertising section, and of course the pouring section. The advertising section displayed ads dating back to 1929. IMG_6447I was able to watch the very first television Guinness ad and compare it to the ads aired today. I liked being able to see the evolution in the quality of video over time. One thing I noticed which I really admired was that Guinness has a lot of diversity in their ads. In the older ones, it began with older, white men drinking the beer. Overtime, the company began incorporating different ethnicities drinking Guinness and they had commercials filmed in several various countries.



Guinness is also famous for its creative and “imaginative” advertising campaign called “My Goodness, my Guinness”. It was created by John Gilroy, who lived from 1898 to 1985.
He attended a circus one day and had a vision of all the circus animals balancing and playing with GuinIMG_6430ness’s. He then created Gilroy’s Circus which ended up being the world’s longest running advertising campaign. HIMG_6432e created many zoo animals including an ostrich, lion, bear, crocodile, kangaroo and the famous toucan. Gilroy also created the zookeeper who was designed after himself. To me, it feels like it gives the beer a fun image and reputation, while more modern commercials for Guinness have a more serious tone.




My favorite part of the whole day was the fourth floor of the tour, which was “perfecting the Guinness pour”.

I was able to pour my own Guinness beer and they gave us certificates! Then we were able to take our drinks up to the rooftop bar where you can see all of Dublin surrounding you.

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