“Breaking News: An American Girl Discusses U.K. Politics on National U.K. Tv” -By Alana Easterling


So today, I thought I’d be writing about our visit to Cardiff University. Surprisingly enough, I thought wrong. A few of us went to a restaurant- The Hashery in Cardiff Quarters.

While we were there, I noticed someone being interviewed on the streets. I’m a journalism student, so out of curiosity I walked over to see what was going on.

The interview that caught my attention 

When I got over there, the interviewer was asking questions about the prime minister. Considering the fact that I’ve seen different posters for candidates on streets since I’ve been here, I assumed this interview had something to do with that.

At first I thought this was for a class like how we do at State, but I noticed the camera man was bit older. Also, the interviewer told me it was for his show “Made in Cardiff” that broadcasted on a network in the U.K. Exciting right? He asked me did I want to be interviewed, but I explained to him that I was American and had no idea what any of their politics was about, but he still wanted to do it. (I warned him🤷🏼‍♀️).

The interview ended up being pretty informal. He asked me silly questions like “if (insert candidate’s name here) was apart of a rock band, which would it be. I said maroon 5 because the lead singer was hot 😂. I think the show is comparable to Jimmy Kimmel Live! The comical vibe of the interview reminded me of the snippets that would be shown on that show.

I seen plenty of camera people walking around the town. It’s as if they were all journalism students with finals coming up. I was surprised to see the lack in LAV mic usage, considering the fact that their interviews would be held outdoors. It made me wonder if they used those or not over here. Overall, it was a pretty cool experience. I get to say I was on U.K. television!

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