Cardiff Castle Visit


The Cardiff Castle was built in the late 11th century that replaced a Roman fort. It is located in the center of Cardiff which makes it a popular tourist spot. The castle has many similar features as the Irish castles we saw such as the windy staircase. This was a defensive mechanism used to make it difficult for intruders to make it upstairs. They also make the steps different heights so it makes it difficult for the enemies to advance. My favorite defense mechanism was the windows for the archers. They were wide in the inside so they could move around and could shoot from multiple angles. The outside however, was very small, making it almost impossible to hit the archer inside.


Looking out to the city from the top of the castle

The mansion located next door to the castle was a very neat place to tour. The inside is restored and has tall ceilings with elaborate artwork. The banquet hall is huge with two chandeliers hanging from above. A lot the castle was closed off to premium tours. I was looking forward to seeing the bed rooms and maybe a secret escape route if they had one. All in all it was really spectacular to see the design and the details in such an old castle.


Today at 10AM we went to Cardiff University to meet a professional documentary maker Angela Graham. She taught us about the deferent television outlets in Wales and the UK. My favorite part of the day was making a documentary using her step by step process. She seems like a brilliant person with a lot of knowledge in her respective field.

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