Cardiff Uni With Angela Graham


Today I met Angela Graham, with Cardiff University. I found Mrs. Graham to be a very interesting and intelligent person. She taught us a lot about the history of wales.

Angela Graham teaching our class

In Wales, those in the communication field have to speak Welch and English. When we arrived the screen read “Wales and the Media” and “Cymru a’r Cyfryngau.” Those two terms are both the Welsh and English version of each other. Wales means foreign in english. In Welsh the word for Wales is Cymru and means Companion. This is a perfect example of how there is more than one way to communicate and how important that is.


“My career takes me out of myself and puts me in connections with everyone else.” Said Graham.

After she made that statement I remembered why I love journalism. For the same reason I want to be the person to connect the public with information. As well as why I chose this field of communications as a whole. Since a child I have always been the type who could make a best friend in one elevator ride. I knew that I wanted to solve problems that effected me and others. I now know if I can’t solve the problem I sure as heck don’t want to be the problem. I want to educate myself to further inform the public.

Graham had us do a short fun exercise to describe how fast communication reacts. She then asked us to think about something that is empty to us. Again, I thought of my childhood self. I thought of the way I was raised, and what was missing from my childhood. Graham later asked us, if we would ever create a documentary and what would it be about. Those questions of emptiness she had us thinking about triggered an idea I have pondered on for years.  I was raised as an only child by a single mother. I knew I would do a documentary based on the effects a father input has on his daughters future. After watching her students documentaries I felt very confident that I can complete that task.

Walking the Cardiff University Campus

This one class with Angela Graham was very informative and inspiring.


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