Goodbye Dublin, Hello Cardiff -by Tiffany Nagy



We said our goodbyes to Dublin and arrived in Cardiff, Wales yesterday. We started our day off this morning by visiting Cardiff University to talk with Angela Graham. Graham discussed with us the media usage here, and the importance of communication. I was surprised to hear that radio is more popular in Wales than it is in the United Kingdom, and that 1/2 of the population in wales see themselves as “hooked” to their device (tablet, phone, etc.). I found this shocking because Americans are completely hooked to their devices. Angela Graham spoke to us about knowing our audience, and knowing who we are trying to reach. I’ve noticed that different ingredients are used in some of the products here than what’s used in America, which finally made sense because the audience here is different than the audience in America.

Graham also had us do a simple communication exercise. We had an even number of people on each side, and locked arms behind our backs. When you felt your hand get squeezed, you passed it on to the person next to you until the last person was reached. Kind of like the telephone game that was played when you were a kid. The point of this exercise was to understand how communication can be manipulated at times, but also to know the importance of communication.

IMG_2847While adventuring through Cardiff today, I admired the old yet modern city. We went to Cardiff Castle which overlooks the city; it was beautiful. This city spends more time on media than they do sleeping, but I can definitely understand why. I am amazed with Cardiff, and look forward to seeing more of it. Tomorrow we will be attending Golley Slater advertising agency, and I couldn’t be more excited. I can’t wait to tell you all about it.

This Saturday in Cardiff, there is a HUGE football (soccer) game. IMG_2841This is a big deal for this city as Juventus and Real Madrid play against one another at the Millennium Stadium for the Championship for their league. Because of this game, the city is chaotic. I’ve seen ESPN here, and people being interviewed in the streets.

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