“I’m sorry…Dr. Who?”


Cardiff’s The Dr. Who Experience was exactly that; An experience. Upon arrival, I could instantly tell that the exhibit was interactively geared toward a younger audience. That being said, I’m a child at heart so I knew that this would be right up my alley.

dr who 6

The experience started with a trip through multiple rooms, each an important part in finding the “power crystals” to “fire-up the TARDIS.” Honestly, the theatrics behind it all were very cheesy, but I somehow enjoyed every second of it. There was fog, 3D videos, moving floors, and silly tasks throughout. I entered each room with a smile on my face and left the tour with an even bigger one. I can honestly say that I thoroughly enjoyed being apart of “navigating the TARDIS.”

After the interactive part was over, we were “transported to 1963” as we exited into a 60’s style room filled with endless items and props used in the actual filming of the show over the years. It was so cool to see the actual items that went into creating years worth of material.

The most fascinating part of the experience was entering into the very last room of the exhibit, which framed all of the Dr. Who Magazines that have been published. They seemed endless. This struck me as interesting because not only is the show itself a huge media outlet spanning across the world, but the Dr. Who brand has been producing alternate ways to not only advertise their show and gain viewers, but increase their generated revenue. I was under the impression that Dr. Who was a TV show and nothing more. When I saw that they also published magazines, award-winning magazines for that matter, I was surprised that they were as successful as they were, especially since it’s a form of advertisement on top of the show itself.

I would recommend this exhibit to anybody in a heartbeat. It’s insightful, memorable, and overall good fun for all ages. It had this charming way of bringing out the inner-nerd me and that was something I genuinely enjoyed experiencing.


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