Insight on media in Wales with Oxford alumna Angela Graham by Kayla Wright


Taking a look at media in the United States, it has become pretty easy to target specific markets based on several factors. According to Angela Graham, (journalism professional, Cardiff University) Wales is faced with even more of a challenge when reaching certain markets due to the divide between their English and Welsh speaking population. “In Wales, 20% of the population speak in Welsh. So when you think journalism, you have to think bilingually.” When producing for the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) or the Wales Welsh news channel S4c, a different approach must be taken for each. I would find producing in Wales to be quite difficult for myself as I am only an English speaker, however, I would consider learning a new language to make myself a more valuable professional especially in today’s society where there is so much integration of different languages and cultures in America.

Graham shared with us her reasoning for a strong interest in journalism. She stated, “You are always at the service of others,” where she went on to explain that no two days are the same in the media industry, and there is always something new and tasteful to be shared with the audience.  I agree that a diverse range of perspectives and backgrounds is necessary to target specific markets and engage them in new media.

I found it interesting when Graham shared some statistics from the Welsh community, including the fact that 28% of Welsh people have done a “tech detox” because they felt they were starting to develop an unhealthy relationship with their devices. I can agree that I have done the same type of detox because I feel guilty for being on my cell phone and laptop so often. She even said, “We need media, yet we are resisting it.” Her statement is so relevant in today’s society because although we spend so much time engaging in media, there are times when we need to snap back into the real world and remember what is important. I will always be fighting the battle of engaging but knowing when to disengage.


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