Spillers in Cardiff -the Oldest Record Shop in the World since 1894. -by Min Wang


by Min Wang 

The Spillers Record shop. Image: Min Wang


How old a record store could date back? The square space located at 31, Morgan Arcade in Cardiff, Wales may give you a shocking answer. It’s been serving music lovers since 1894 where The original store was opened by Henry Spiller in the Queen’s Arcade in Cardiff, selling music on wax cylinders and shellac discs.


Spillers Record at Queen’s Arcade, 1920s.

Yet it’s not too long after the Record Store Day weekend which has been celebrated by records lovers all over the world on April 22nd. This festival just had its 10th anniversary this year.  During record store day, a bunch of music-related events was happening, live music and of course, new record releases.

Record Store Day collection was sold at Spillers. Image: Min Wang

Going to the record store is a good way to get to know the local music scene, as well as a way to support local bands and artists. Here’s the proof- Spillers has a shelf for local fellows.

Welsh pride!  Image: Min Wang


As vinyl records on its way back, the sale has been raising over last 5 years. Fascinated by the vinyl resurgence, I did a reporting project called The New Vinyl . Where you can find the history of vinyl records, how it’s made and stories of collectors, listeners and record store owners. During that project, we got to know the history of vinyl by interviewing the director of Michigan State University voice library, here’s the video of how’s made and became the way it looks like now- flat, black and circular.


I am not surprised to see a corner at Spillers that full of Edison blue amberol record. “In 1889 pre-recorded cylinders began to be sold. Initially, they were usually only found in early jukeboxes at taverns and arcades.  To experience vinyl history at a historical vinyl record store, there is nothing better to do for a music nerd in a land of sound.

The original Edison Cylinders records at the corner of Spillers.  Image: Min Wang

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