The Dr. Who Experience- by Aileen Dwyer


After a whole day of travel by land and by sea, we made it to Cardiff, Wales. This town has been one of my favorite places so far on this trip, and we have only been here a day. There is plenty to do, but the city still feels small and welcoming. One of the big presences here in Cardiff is the BBC Wales. DSC00602I drove by some of their studios today during a taxi ride. The studios are down by the docks, with nice views of Cardiff Bay nearby. Near the studios is also the Doctor Who Experience. This is an interactive museum full of Doctor Who memorabilia. As a Doctor Who fan, it was cool go to a place all about the show. There are fans of the show in the US, but  not as many as in the UK. Here the show is a cultural icon. Much of the show is shot here at BBC Wales in Cardiff. The museum was very cool. I went with some friends who have not watched Doctor Who, and they like the museum a lot and wanted to start watching the show. Seeing props and costumes that were used on-screen was amazing. One of my favorite things to see was the 10th Doctor’s TARDIS console. DSC00529There were also a lot of original costumes that I was excited to see. Most of the things on exhibit were from 2005 and onward, but there were some things from the older series. One of the things I found the mist interesting was a review of the fist episode from a newspaper in 1963. The show has an interesting premise, and it was fascinating to see what people thought of the show when it was just beginning. There was some exhibits about how the show was made. Learning about the sound design was inspiring. All of the original sounds were created manually in the BBC Radiophonic Workshop. DSC00514With how much is done digitally today, to learn how some of the shows iconic sounds were made was really cool. For example, the wheezing and groaning of the TARDIS engine is actually the distorted recording of a key being scraped down a piano wire. I am excited to explore more of Cardiff tomorrow, and to get caught up on Doctor Who when I get back home.

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