This Is How Royalty Lives – By Graham Polk


Today was my first full day in Cardiff, Wales. After an interesting class with the documentary filmmaker Angela Graham. After talking about the communication industry in Wells, we had lunch and headed to the Cardiff Castle.

After visiting the Dunluce Castle in Ireland, I wasn’t too excited to go to the Cardiff Castle, and I almost chose to visit the Doctor Who museum instead, but after choosing the castle instead, I am very happy with my choice. Instead of the ruins of a castle that once stood tall, the Cardiff Castle stands to this day and it is completely surrounded by giant brick walls. Inside of the walls, there is a giant courtyard, a castle that is built on a large earth mound surrounded by a moat, and a large mansion that is filled with beautiful craftsmanship and art.

Even though the castle wasn’t much like the one in Ireland, the construction was very similar. There were spiral staircases as well as brick construction in both. The main difference between the Irish Castle and the Welsh Castle is that in Ireland, the castle was made for living, while the Welsh Castle was for defense. Inside of Cardiff Castle, however, was an amazing mansion.

When I stepped foot inside of the castle, my friend immediately noticed and complimented the carpet. As we continued to explore, you could tell why the carpets were so nice. Every room had amazing craftsmanship from the moldings on the floor, up the walls with the carved wood panels, to the ceilings and their amazing details. View the gallery below to see just how beautiful the royal families

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  1. Angela says:

    A castle with a moat – Oh MY!


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