“Visiting the Doctor” – By Alex Martinez


Although I have never actually seen the show Doctor Who, I still enjoyed every minute of this experience. The Doctor Who Experience  consisted of two parts that were both equally worth the purchase of a ticket.

The first portion of the “experience” began with being broken up into groups and following a tour guide through a dark passageway. Then the group was asked to help out with a mission. The mission was to find three missing crystals and deliver it to the Doctor. At that point, the group went from room to room (each room had different themes and props) in search of these crystals. The special effects were nice and the acting of the tour guide was impressive. The whole production really transported the audience into the world of the TV series. Making people feel like they are in the show is a source of advertisement. For instance, I’ve never seen the show and just being mentally transported into that other world made me want to watch start watching the show.

Doctor Who
My Ticket!

The second part consisted of a huge room filled with actual props, sets, and costumes from the show. Walking around and reading the information describing each piece even furthered my need to start this series. It was weird to think about how famous actors and actresses were wearing these clothes or how they were using these props.

Dr Who
Dr Who

An excellent experience is what I got. It was interesting to see that right next door to the Doctor Who Experience was the BBC building, where they shoot the series. This show has been beyond successful and have won many awards. BBC has really out done themselves. Not only do they have a great show that brings in money, but they have an exhibit that makes even more profit, as well as help gain more of a fan base. I am a prime example of their success in their advertising department. I bought a ticket for the “experience” and I am now about to start watching the show. Honestly, well done BBC.

Pictures of all the Doctor Who magazine covers in the past years.

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