“Advertising in Wales” – By Alex Martinez


Today was beyond enlightening. Visiting the Golley Slater advertising agency in Cardiff only solidified that I am in the right major. The workers there were very hospitable and kind. The total atmosphere was positive, which made this experience even more memorable.

There were a total of three different speakers who explained what their own jobs entailed. One was the boss and he explained the different roles within the agency. He talked about how he deals with the customer service part of advertising. The next speaker talked about how he was a part of the artistic side of things. He showed examples of his story boards that he pitched to businesses and played commercial ads that he created in the past. The last speaker shared that he was in the media spectrum of advertising. He has control over media based ads, like social media platforms. He is also in charge of reading into what people are interested in from their activity/history on their phones.

Golley Slater
The positive atmosphere at Golley Slater also stems from their eye-pleasing aesthetics.

Hearing three different jobs from each advertiser had me leaning towards the creative side of things. When the second speaker shared his work and his success, it made me think how badly I want to be able to create and form ideas. I want to think of an idea and make it come to life. One day, I hope to have a portfolio full of all the work I have accomplished. All of the speakers were inspiring and I am more sure of what I want to do with my life now.

Fun atmosphere!

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