“Clarity” – By Julia Swoish


Today’s trip to the Golley Slater advertising agency was an incredible experience that provided me with a lot more clarity than I have ever had about my future. Sure, I still don’t know exactly what the hell I’m doing, but I have more of a definite answer than ever before. Up until this trip, I would follow up every “I’m an advertising major,” with “well, for now.” As of today, I think I can start cutting out the latter of the two statements.


Each of the men that talked to us at the agency today was incredible. Each had a different specialty: Client Services, Creative Director, and Media. Up until today, I had no idea about all of the different areas of advertising that existed. Now I not only know about them, but I have a feel for which ones seem to be the best fit for me.

Mike was the main presenter and he specialized in Client Services. He described the position as one that requires the ability to speak publicly, to be nice, and to be able to solve problems all at the same time. You essentially have to be a diplomat. This immediately resonated with me and I had a vision of myself in this type of position in the future.

Conference room at Golley Slater.

That said, after a long and insightful conversation with Dave, the Art Director, at the bar, I realized that I don’t have to be able to draw or even be good at art necessarily to work in creative advertising. As long as I have a creative mind and can put ideas into words, I can have a team to back me up and bring my idea to life. Dave can’t draw so that’s exactly what he does, so I was urged to not put creative advertising on the back burner yet.

Finally, Jake worked in Media. Media jobs involve a lot of traveling (which I would totally be down for) in order to spend large sums of money to buy ad space in various media. He described the job as one requiring thick skin because it can involve dealing with rough people. Although this didn’t seem like me at first, I think that taking on leadership positions at school has taught me how to be tough and firm in my ways, while negotiating and trying to get the best for everyone. So, I’m not ruling this one out yet either.

There were several more positions than just those, but hearing about all of them made me realize how many options I have and how I could adapt to work in any of them. After the presentations, where they offered us Welsh cakes, tea, and other refreshments, the Golley Slater employees took us to The City Arms for drinks. We got to drink beer and talk to the executives at this incredibly successful agency, and that was an experience that I already know will shape me in the future. I was able to ask questions, network, be friendly, and have a good time with awesome people who work in a very welcoming and fun work environment. Today was spectacular all around, and I can’t thank Golley Slater enough for impacting me in this way. Who knows, maybe I’ll move out to Cardiff one day and try to get a job with them… sorry, Mom and Dad!

Foosball and a bar? That’s my kind of office. 


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