Golley Slater Advertising Agency by Trevor Goslin




Today we went to Golley Slater agency for a presentation of what actually goes on within a firm. Being an advertising major i was excited to learn about this considering I am pretty clueless. They really went all out for us providing us with Welsh cakes and pop. The presentation started off with a senior leader in the firm and he basically talked about the general roles and goals of the firm. Next came the creative director, Matt. He plays an important role in the firm being the lead designer for one of their biggest clients, Mitsubishi. It was insightful to see how much it takes to plan and produce a commercial. The commercial he produced was really spectacular and next level.

The next speaker, Jake was an account manager who talked about his daily duties. I see myself working something similar because I am not a creative person. This is more of the business side of it where he said he is often taking clients out and also entertaining as well. He did mention that this job has stress that comes along with it but he loves what he does.

After the presentations, we went a microbrewery located just blocked from where the EUFA game is taking place. This was enjoyable because you learn more over a beer and they don’t have to be as censored in the setting. Jake especially talked why he chose the line of work and really what goes on behind the scenes. All in all, this was a fun day and a great look into the future.





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