Golley Slater’s influence by John Charron



Golley Slater emphasizes creative talents

With our journey today into downtown Cardiff’s outstanding center, I became more aware of “real world” practicality and the setting of an out of college work place.  Golley Slater offered not only an insight into the work place of post graduate life, but a substantial vision of inspirational awareness.  I felt a comfort as we sat in the large meeting room.  The same comfort transpired into the post meeting as we all discussed matters with the same presenters at the local pub.  I cannot thank the amazing workers at Golley Slater enough for their time and unbelievable contribution for educating us on real world principles.

Situated right in the center of downtown

Their idea of media is similar to the United States when it comes to advertising, just on a much smaller scale given the country’s size and population.  One of the important concepts covered referred to knowledge of audience.  Obviously, this struck me as definite; seeing another country’s ads versus ours was enough to signify different standards when it comes to commercials.  People are different in beliefs and traditions; things that must be taken into mind when designing a campaign.  Watching this first hand solidifies the concept so much more.

Cardiff is a smaller town with a big punch, hosting major sporting events.

Cardiff is by no means a massive metropolitan city, but it is an important hub for Wales and the United Kingdom as a whole.  Golley Slater provides substantial influence towards the public; influencing their train of thought and consumerism.  Yet, they have morals and creative beliefs that fall under the rules of good manners and behavior.  This blew me away on a whole different level.  Not only was this successful company competent, creative, and funny; but they were nice too.

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