Meeting With Mike By: DeVinnia M.


Meeting with Mike Leeson at Golley Slater was a fun experience. We learned about the different elements it takes to put into one advertisment. Golly Slater is an advertising firm in Cardiff, Wales.  The day started with tea, welch cakes and a lesson.


Starbucks spelled my name wrong again

Along with Mike , we met Jake and Dave. Jake and Dave did a great job helping us understand marketing analysis and creative processes. Mike Leeson is the Group Managing Director at Golley Slater. In order to work for Golley Slater one must be talented and creative but overall nice. Although I am not an advertising major, that is a company I could work for. I dressed up a little bit for Mike and his team, to learn and observe. Once I go there, I noticed some of the employees were pretty trendy with there work clothes. I found that amazing and fitting for an advertising firm. Especially a firm that is so big on creativity and a happy work environment.

During the presentation we learned a lot about how they decided on ads. Although I am not an advertising major I found this interesting. Watching the Mitsubishi Motors ad brought up a lot of different ideas. The creativity was shown clearly through out the ad.

After learning about commercials and online ads, we were able to tour the rest of office. Where we met other employees.

Mike, Ashley and Mave as he showed around.

Mike took us out to a near by pub. Yes I said a pub! I assumed work meetings at bars and pubs were only a tv thing. Apparently it’s a U.K. and I am here for it !

ThE City Arms Pub
Mike Leeson and Myself in front of City Arms

I feel honored to have had a lecture by one of the largest independent marketing groups in the U.K. The hospitality was unexpected and amazing. They made my short visit to Cardiff, one to remember.


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