The BIG game -by Tiffany Nagy


In Cardiff, Wales, what will be the BIGGEST event to happen in the city, is the 2017 UEFA Champions League final football match at Millennium stadium. Juventus (Italian side) vs. Real Madrid (Spanish side). Real Madrid are the current title holders. IMG_20170601_140736This is the 62nd season of Europe’s premiere club football tournament. While in the city, many shops and businesses were advertising the game and selling merchandise. This is a great game for this town to get more business as the city will be very busy. Some of the locals are leaving town so avoid the big crowd.

I talked with a few locals about the game, as I didn’t know just how important this game was. One of the locals compared it to the Superbowl, so you can assume it’s a big deal.IMG_2841 Walking along the streets, I saw people being interviewed by news stations talking about this game. I even saw an ESPN tent, which was crazy to me because I didn’t think that they would be here for this game. I’m curious to know if ESPN is going to be airing this game back in the United States since they are here.

Unfortunatley, the game is on Saturday, June 3rd, and we are leaving Cardiff tomorrow, June 2nd. It would have been cool to be in the city during the game to experience what a big game is like in the U.K., but I’ll be watching it on television. Our next stop is London, and we will for the next 2 weeks. I’m excited to adventure London, and see the media over there.


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