The Dr. Who Experience


Every country has on show that is a cult classic. For the Unites Kingdom it is the Dr. Who series. The show is so popular and well know they have a whole tour inspired by the show. The  Dr. Who Experience is an interactive museum which is very popular here.

The show has been on since the 60’s, and got revamped this decade. The museum of a variety of people young and old. The show is a true staple impacting the television culture here.


The museum was NOTHING like I expected. Instead of just walking and looking. The first half is suppose to make you feel like the show, and have to go on a mission to save the universe (no big deal right). The actor/tour guide was a very a good actor, or must be getting paid very well. The set design for each area was very well put together.


After the “experience” we entered the museum area that gave a background on all the stuff they used for the past. Even though I feel the museum is more for little kids, it was still an interesting experience. You learn a lot about the show, and you really understand the making of it.

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