These Aren’t Mad Men – by Chris Gustafson


Be nice. Stay neutral. Have morals? Those aren’t necessarily traits that one may come to expect of an advertising firm in the modern world, but the fine people at Golley Slater Cardiff aren’t necessarily  what I was expecting either.

Today’s visit to Golley Slater was one of the most exciting parts of the trip so far, and while the stop has been trumped up for quite awhile, it still exceeded my expectations of how nice and welcoming a group of professionals can be to a class of twenty one Americans during the middle of a work day. To say they were welcoming would also do them a great disservice, as they treated us as one of their own and tried to make us feel at home and create great conversation over a few drinks.

That’s not to say that they aren’t extremely talented however, as this spot above that was produced for Mitsubishi shows. Another great ad from the firm, and one that I found to be particularly poignant and effective is the one below, produced for the British Army to help combat a rising problem with soldiers dying in car accidents. What set this one apart for me is that the people at Golley Slater sat down and talked with soldiers, tried to find the best approach to combat the issue, and created an ad that, while likely not solely responsible, helped cut the number of deaths in half.

Outside Golley Slater however, the city continues to build up its media and advertising activities in preparation for the Champions League Final on Saturday. On top of the game itself, the city is setting up a four day festival in the Cardiff Bay area for fans and guests to experience all the best that Cardiff has to offer.


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