A London Day You Must Read to Believe!

By Trevor Klaus

As it turns out, London has some pretty nifty sights to see. Although  Throughout the city various buildings and monuments give real life to the city. One could honestly spend many days just trying to see everything London has to offer. However, today my colleague Anastasia and myself were tasked with finding four of the many beauties the city has to offer. We traversed the city through deathly heat, overcoming many sources of wildlife, such as pigeons, insects, and domestic dogs. Despite these dangers, we safely made it to all of these wonderful locations.

An excellent location that was quickly crossed off the list was the wonderfully spectacular Buckingham Palace. A site to behold, the permanent home of the Queen is particularly stunning to the eye. The unique architecture of the building, as well as the building’s significance with the English royal family has lead it to become quite the tourist hub. The beauty of the building makes it easy to see why the area is so popular with travelers.


One of the other truly mind-blowing establishments visited was that of Westminster Abbey. Home of the recent royal wedding between Britain’s sweethearts Harry and Meghan, the church is truly a treasure to behold. It’s grand architectural style and historical significance really allow it to stand out in an area full of other tourist attractions. My hope is for the church to continue for generations to come, as its shear beauty warrants.


The final two stops did not stand out nearly as much to me personally as the other two, but were cool nonetheless. The first stop of which was at Harrod’s, an upscale clothing store commonly shopped at by only the most important of Brits. While the store itself looked nice, it to me was no different then any other high-end clothing store in terms of aesthetic. However, the man covering Ed Sheeran on the violin outside the store alone made the trip there worth it. From there, we tubed to the  While the museum itself looked interesting, neither Anastasia or I went inside and checked out the full potential of what it had to offer. With more time on another day, perhaps I would explore its treasures more thoroughly. From there our trip ended with a customary trip to the pub with the compatriots.

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