Finding Ciara in Heathrow

Before I left for my adventure to London, I had contacted Ciara about possibly meeting up in Heathrow upon arrival. What I didn’t know was how long of a process this was going to be. When I arrived to the airport I sent a message announcing my arrival to the airport, a courteous gesture. Afterwards I headed into the pits of hell, more commonly known as immigration. Fortunately, I knew the routine and as soon as I stepped off that plane I started running. I figured that if I was going to wait I should at least try to wait a little less than everybody else. In line I messaged Ciara again to make sure we were still having contact, and to make her aware of my situation. In the line I was recognized by Bridget and Emily who picked me out because of my MSU jacket. We then made plans to meet after immigration was done. We then meet up with Rohan, and made our way to baggage claims. Yet again I messaged Ciara to let her know I would be in the terminal very soon. While in the terminal me and her realized that we were in separate terminals and would need to meet up somewhere else. I was under the impression we would meet at the train, and  I headed down to the train with the rest of the group. When I got to the train I realized Ciara was still not there, and I would have to venture over to Terminal 2, which ended up being a real pain in the ass. The journey included three escalators a story high each, tunnels that felt like forever and getting to the terminal completely exhausted. Thank the good lord though that Ciara was easy to spot by her two pink suitcases. I was just happy to finally find her, and we then made the grueling journey back to the Heathrow Connect. What I learned from this experience was how important it is to know the terminal number in Heathrow.

This bridge seemed like a big deal so I decided to take a picture in front of it.
In this part of London there were at least five floating Yodas.

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