How I Got Lost in Hyde Park

After everyone in the group decided to bail and go back to the flats and take naps, I decided to go take a walk in London. I was not sure exactly where I was going to go but I figured as long as I didn’t end up in the slums I would be alright. The first thing that I did was cross the London Bridge, which is different then the Tower Bridge which is the more famous one. I then looked up the closest Tesco, I would need plenty of hydration for my adventure. Also nothing makes me more “boujee” than carrying around a 2 liter of Evian. I then decided to head up the river opposite of the London Eye and Big Ben. It was a very nice stroll along the Thames River. After it seemed like the riverwalk ended I crossed the bridge into Pimlico. I didn’t have the slightest idea where I was but I was taking plenty of photos to document my journey. I then seemed to be in the middle of this very upscale neighborhood. All of the houses looked they could have come out of a movie, and every house had their luxury vehicle proudly displayed outfront. I then wandered onto a street that included the high designer stores like Gucci and Givenchy.

This is the part of the story where I am not sure exactly what happened. I walking on the outskirts and I saw this huge metal gate people were coming in and out of. And as the curious student that I am, I entered. Within a few seconds I found myself a world similar to that of The Secret Garden. I then looked down on the ground and realized I was on the The Diana Princess of Wales Memorial Walk. Still having no clue where exactly where I was I continued walking. I was transported into a world of beautiful flowers and landscaping, and occupying these spaces were people of all backgrounds just enjoying life. It was a tearjerker moment for me as I took it all in. After following the trail for about half a mile I came to the fantastic pond in the middle of Hyde’s Park. I couldn’t believe the amount of people and how it looked like something out of a movie. I made my around the pond and found a sign that pointed towards Kensington Palace, and I had nothing better to do so I figured why not? Also I really wanted to catch up with Harry and Wills and see how everything is going. I made it to the palace, but I think the part I came to was the backside facing the park. Regardless, it was a wonderful capstone to a 15 mile walk.

that car definitely cost more than 4k

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