London Tube Advertising

London Tube and its Advertising -Anastasia Niforos

The Tube in London reminds me a lot of the transportation system in Chicago which is known as the CTA (Chicago Transit Authority). It runs smoothly, you can transfer to different lines, the routes look relatively similar and there are advertisements placed everywhere. As I rode the Tube all over the city today, I started to notice how different the advertising in the station was different from the way it is in Chicago.


While going down the long escalator to the underground railway, there are advertisements placed diagonally on the wall. These go from the start of the escalator all the way down to the end of it. Each is the same size and slant towards the direction the escalator is moving. Many of the advertisements also repeated two or more times. As I looked at each advertisement while riding up the escalator I realized how smart this was. By constantly seeing the advertisements everytime someone goes down the escalator the more likely they are going to look at it and even be interested in it. It’s a great form of communication.

In Chicago, the advertisements are located on the train. I think it’s important to notice the ways in which certain areas communicate. Some might think a lot of advertisements while going up or down an escalator is too busy and stressful to look at. While for others file-1 (1)this might catch their eye and could find interest in the advertisements. I wonder if the Chicago will ever adopt this form of advertising in the train stations.

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